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December 10, 2012

Copy of roxyHello I am Roxanne Bannatyne. I am the founder of The School of Self-Empowerment, and the author of four books*. My blogs will cover a wide range of topics: you, relationships, intimacy (our sensuality and sexuality), the spiritual journey, yoga, Enlightenment, “co-creating”, and even a Complete Theory.

The essence of my life is Truth, and it is via my sites, blog and books that I would like to share how living in my complete Truth, across my life, has transformed my life. There are not many people I have met who live with such inner contentedness, balance and independence whilst at the same time being so deeply and joyfully connected to everything and one around them.

My first truthful admission to you will be as to why I am here, Tweeting, Blogging, FaceBooking, and networking. I am 53, and have always been perfectly happy living an almost hermit-like, low-tech, life! There is, however, a ‘product’ to be sold. It was not my intention to create this product. It is the first of those books mentioned. I already know and live by everything contained in my books, but others do not. Lives will be transformed by the contents which were obviously not just meant for me. Like all big spiritual writers, I am not the original “author” of Truths, but my insights have enabled me to make them relevant in a way (and with an energy) which makes sense to the modern beings we are – as we confront the problems and issues that exist in our very modern lives, and search for answers.

As I’ve stated elsewhere, I am a Bhakti Yogini – and that means that I am here ‘to serve’. I have evolved past having needs. I now just have desires to do that serving well. I long to help make every individual a more deeply happy, peaceful and lovingly productive being; this would obviously impact upon the world . If you are not the happiest self you could be, and if you don’t know how to fix your whole life (those relationships you have with partner, parent, child, friend and colleague) then please read my book, and then pass it on. Let’s change us, and then change the world. We are meant to be joyful, loved and loving. As such we are strong and oh-so-capable!

For a few excellent reviews of my Self-Help book Opening Secret Boxes , please visit:

* Further information, about me or my books may be obtained from my website: Only the 1st is in print, almost ready for full launching, whilst the other 3 move in that direction; as such my writings are copy-righted.


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  1. so very glad that you are a blogging and a brilliant blog it is!

  2. That’s it. That’s all you called me here to read. You need to write something a little more rich and detailed and insightful and informative if you want to engage your audience. You need to write something that educates people in ways that are new to their thinking. Personally, I felt this is just your blabber. I would have liked to read something much more useful and meaningful. If I spend the time reading something then it had better be worth it.
    Take a look at my post ‘Why Carb Diets Can Ruin Your Health’.
    Hope this doesn’t sound harsh. Just trying to help.

    • Thank you for your comments Marcus. The name of your site, BodhiYoga, implies “perfect wisdom” and “enlightenment” so I could question why you have any need to peruse the words of others! No, Truth is not new, but new seekers will always need to hear old truths. Knowing everything and applying that knowledge are very different things. Do you truly live all the limbs of Yoga? – and are you suggesting I read your blog as an education in blog-writing?

  3. I could completely identify with what you wrote. And yes we absolutely need to have a vision of our purpose of life (swa-Dharma) and be aligned with it. Else we keep looking and never find fulfillment.
    It’s good to have a sort of “teachers’ guild” a forum for sharing and supporting each others spirituality. I haven’t found one in the west. The one I’ve found in India is where seekers and teachers can have blogs, it’s a great portal. If you know of one let me know.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for that link to Speaking Tree. I’m glad we have found one another to share input on such a blessed journey!

  4. I enjoy reading your post very refreshing.

  5. You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the highest quality websites online.
    I will recommend this website!

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