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Inspiration – the way to your truest self and unique gifts

December 12, 2012

NewForestWelcome to my very first blog – Inspiration.

I know that once one is aligned to one’s purpose in life (or one’s purpose in a moment) then inspiration comes constantly and easily. You will be reading this because inspired thought is different to intellectual thought. Each has its place and purpose. Each kind of “thought” has the potential to unlock something within and to help us evolve. I should, perhaps, explain why I put the quotation marks around the word thought . To my mind, the act of thinking or having thoughts is something that we DO; we have power over creating thoughts and we commonly think of “I” as being the thought-creator. Whereas with inspiration we are not the ones who DO or achieve.

Inspiration is the breathing in – it comes to us not by our own do-ing, but by our quietening so that it is heard. Inspiration then becomes thought. Even more aptly, inspiration is ‘a supernatural, divine influence which qualifies us to communicate divine truth’. This applies to each and every one of us when we are truly on our path permitting our unique gift to shine – be that as artist, scientist, musician, teacher, athlete or writer. It applies once our mind is out of the way. It is the trap of our mind, and our constant thinking, that can drop a veil to hinder our connection to our unique gifts.

Perhaps you have not found your inspiration yet. Don’t worry. We are molded in good time. Every thing in life truly is just how it is meant to be for each of us – however we might react to that statement! So, with that in mind, this blog is how it is meant to be for those of you whom it will reach, and it will have the necessary effect. I trust that you will find a gift within each posting. Please always question me should you need to.

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