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Enlightenment and Hope for New Era

January 5, 2013

I can see that the state of Enlightenment has become many things; all for reason, but not all for good. There can exist a competitive edge to “Awakening” – an “I’m better than you” mentality. It can set us up to chase gurus, or be seduced by the draw of the greater abilities we believe we will acquire. We are capable of doing almost anything to emulate it. And that, too, is for reason. But sadly, because it is held up to be so rare an occurrence, we can lose the joy of the journey for the sake of the goal.

If one still urgently needs something outside of oneself then one has not done enough of healing one’s inner self. Enlightenment is given as a gift for when the work is very much done – once that Physician has healed him/herself. It is, without doubt, an enormous gift which brings with it many new abilities. So, if the foundation is still shaky, and the intention not right, then how could such a gift be given – sensibly?!

Today was, for many, the celebration of the end of an era (21st December), and the celebration of a new and inspiring one. Truth is supposed to be a major element of the next era. My celebratory gift to you is that the longer we go on saying that Enlightenment is SO special, and is just for the very few – then IT WILL BE. What stops us from moving towards the bliss of it is how we have lived our lives. Through my yogic path I learned well, and I learned that Truth is an imperative factor that has been missing in quite a huge way from all of our lives. But we have the conditioned thinking that Truth is terrifying and will only cause problems. It will – until the “how-to-deliver-it” is known and understood.

How can we expect to evolve further if we go on accepting all of the un-truths. As I point out in my book – if we live in utter truth, then we grow to fully respect ourselves, and then we are able to love ourselves, and THEN we get to the point of Deserving a better, and more joyful existence. Un-truths litter our lives, and they littered the lives of our parents and ancestors. They did not hand on to us what they could have. No blame is being levelled; it just was the way it was – for reason.

If there can be complete truth between partners, and within families, then there can be complete trust, and with that comes real and big LOVE. With that complete truth and bigger love we no longer just give lip-service to being a partner, or a parent, we truly step up to that commitment. What doesn’t come with it is the making of our “issues” and damage. And that real, big, un-needy love IS the essence of Enlightenment. With that deep, unconditional love becoming the norm then our suffering through fear, doubt, and hate vanishes. All we would have then to hurt us would be the events of death and loss. All facts of life. All made bearable through the real love of those around us.

Try it out as your new gift to yourself; ‘I will not tell even the smallest lie, nor will I accept any told to me’. Once you start to live in such a way you will find every relationship reaching amazing and beautiful depth – the depth for which we yearn! Each gets stronger and stronger and more loving and supportive. So, forget that chase for Enlightenment. Love the journey with others close to you!

Thank you for reading. I wish you the happiest of Christmases, a very Happy New Year, and a brilliantly joyful and love-full new era!

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