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Do you long to quieten the chatter in your head, and know peace?

January 27, 2013


Is your head ever empty of thought, and blissfully quiet? Does it ever allow you to be completely engrossed in this moment – without worry for the next moment or fret for a past one? The typical adult apparently spends the equivalent of 5 years worrying, and that is a long time! Perhaps there is a temporary state that brings you peace. I occasionally have the “state” of migraine to stop me; the painful and disgusting detail of which I will spare you. It makes me stop caring about the whole world outside of the retreat of my bedroom. I become alien to myself: frail, tearful, and self-absorbed. But it so often carries a blessing.

As with everything in my life, I let the lesson reveal itself. This will be the topic for a future post, but I know that all that we go through is for a purpose. I am not fatalistic in that regard, however if one is shrewd it is possible to make life a much more pleasant journey!

This latest migraine lasted 48hrs, and the lesson arrived into the second day. It was that, suddenly, I was aware there were no thoughts in my head. This was a state I had lived in for many years, but had recently lost. It is the state we ideally arrive at once our fearful egos learn to trust in our evolution, and quieten their chatter. For so long I had only responded with thought or action when stimulated. The phone would ring, I’d answer it. An important email would arrive, I’d answer it. Something would need to be arranged so I’d plan it. But NEVER would my mind be full between those moments, it remained gloriously empty, and thus peaceful. It permitted me, thus, to fully enjoy each moment.

Many of you who work in a proper working environment (rather than like myself working from home) could say “well, my mind is like that but the stream of incoming is endless, so there is no peace”. However, there are times available to us all when there could be stillness, but our chattering egos fill it. It may be having fun filling it by having thoughts like “I wonder if he will respond to my Facebook poke!?” or “…and then she will say to me…and then I will say …!” But it is all nervous chatter simply because we become uneasy when silence reigns, because then we may have time to consider our problems, the chips on our shoulders, and bigger issues looming.

As you will read in my “about me” post, I have stepped into a new and professional world since finishing my book. The learning curve has been steep. The stimulation to which I respond has been without cessation. Even my yogic practice or lonely dog walks did not provide entire release. So, it was with huge appreciation that I was hit with that bolt on the second day. Without noticing, my mind had run away with me!

You will find me now dipping into and out of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. I will read the tweets I am meant to. I will make the new friends I am meant to. I will comment, “poke” or “like” you when it truly matters. I am connected afresh to the majesty of a quiet mind that provides my bliss from which I am my most genuine and productive. I trust my purpose of providing insight, and self help via my blogs or book, will be valued as much as I value shutting you all off when I should! Solitary, quiet ME time is essential. Even better if it is spent out in nature. Don’t be afraid of it. Give yourself time to make friends with it. You will find a person you didn’t know within yourself who is strong, fearless, beautiful, capable and surprisingly very, very happy.


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