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Levels of Consciousness. Or, how to explain that person who really annoys you!

January 29, 2013

A subject that is key to the transformation of my clients is their understanding of the levels of consciousness. I am a Self Help Guide and author, and my aim within this piece is to fully explain this subject so as to provide insight into one another. Not only are we entirely different gender to gender (and we still do not fully comprehend how much so), but every individual is different by way of their level of awareness – of consciousness. We have geniuses, and we have our seemingly unconscious beings, and everyone in between. This explanation is vital groundwork for my future posts when I will be vociferous about how we communicate, how we have all relationships, and how (when we have to) we move on, break up or divorce. Typically we don’t do these things very well due to that lack of comprehension.

Many of you will be familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and others will be more familiar with the comparable eastern understanding of our evolution, as depicted by our journey through the chakras (illustrated below). To be brief, there are seven standard levels through which we may (or may not) journey as we progress through our lives. It is not the idea that we are born “into” the bottom level and are meant to arrive at the top by the time of our death. Some of you may have to suspend belief here – but it is a journey that takes many (if not hundreds) of lifetimes to accomplish.

Below are the key words associated with the levels, and the needs/attributes of each (borrowed from Maslow and Chakra diagrams). It is easiest if you picture a pyramid. We start at the pinnacle.

Self – Realisation /Enlightenment
(crown) inner work, unity, expansion of consciousness, wisdom, contemplation, drop of fear, experience of bliss, realising one’s full potential, becoming everything one is capable of becoming, leading to enlightenment

Aesthetic Needs
(third eye) purification of thought, development of soul, responsibility, imagination, intuition, beauty – in art and nature, symmetry, balance, order, form

Cognitive needs
(throat) inspiration, independence, self expression, verbal and artistic expression (of all emotions), creativity, knowledge and understanding, curiosity , exploration, need for meaning and predictability, deeper ‘awakenings’ may occur from this level upwards

Esteem needs
(heart) compassion, balance, harmony, selflessness, relating, sharing,
the esteem and respect of others, self-esteem and self-respect, a sense of competence

Love and belongingness
(solar plexus) receiving and giving love, affection, trust and acceptance, affiliating, being part of a group (family, friends, work), greater development of emotions, mental capacity and personality, mental energy, willpower, balanced attitude.

Safety needs
(sacral) protection from potentially dangerous objects or situations (eg the elements, physical illness, psychological, ie: fear of the unknown), importance of routine and familiarity, physical sustenance and strength, sensuality, intimacy, feelings

Physiological needs
(base) food, drink, oxygen, temperature regulation, elimination, rest, activity, sex, stability, survival

The second image I need you to now have in your head is of a series of balloons – one within the other. Our top level of the pyramid is the largest balloon. Within that balloon is a slightly smaller one, and on down until we find the 7th smallest balloon, which equates to the bottom level of the pyramid.

On contemplating that largest balloon you would concur that it touches SO much more of what is around it. In other words – the person who “has” such a balloon is much more conscious, much more aware of all that there is to life. They are in touch with their full potential. These breathtakingly evolved beings touch so much more of what is out there – way beyond the reach of “smaller” souls. They may burst the balloon and become fully Enlightened*, or they may not. But it is at this level that our geniuses are “born”, and our greatest teachers and prophets, simply because they are able to reach those farthest realms where there is original thought. It IS original thought because they are able to utilise the latest insights, and/or information from the latest technological advances, to figure out how to put together the next pieces of the puzzle, to obtain greater understandings. Movement like this is called – The Participatory Theory. (*Richard M. Bucke, MD described it as Cosmic Consciousness a “sense of exultation, of immense joyousness, accompanied by an intellectual illumination quite impossible to describe…Brahmic Bliss…Heaven”.)

The person who has the smallest balloon is more naturally aware of just those things that immediately impact upon it. The evolution of that being has not grown to know of, let alone be concerned with, bigger issues like: the meaning of life, altruism, world balance… It is NOT a matter of those at the pinnacle being better than those further down. We can liken it to a journey through education. One would not point at children in nursery and say that young adults in university were “better” than them. Everyone within the levels can be completely happy, productive, good and kind humans – or they may not be. As an example, those in the 2nd level may become much lesser beings for awhile until their desire for power gains an honourable foot hold.

There is not a strict delineation between the levels. One amasses all of the qualities as one evolves, or one may possess some from random higher levels when seemingly not fully of that level. Perfect example: Neale Donald Walsch – who openly admits that although ‘awakened’ now for 20yrs he is still not fully enlightened. Some attributes or needs may always remain missing. Someone who may be wonderfully altruistic may still have residual “issues” relating to power/finances, or to self-esteem. The pyramid is also representative of the population. There are fewer people within the higher levels.

With these images, of pyramid and balloons, you have easy explanation of all those people you cannot comprehend! – and it is so beautifully simple.

Everyone of us will have experienced shouting (bigger balloon to smaller!)
“HOW can you behave like that?”
“WHY can’t you understand this?”
“WHY can’t you DO this?”
“WHY can’t you see my point of view?” …..


We have looked at other people and thought (smaller balloon to bigger!)
“you’re bloody crazy!”
“how can you believe that?”
“how can you possibly think that?!”
“how can you possibly comprehend quantum physics?!!”

This is key – when you are a bigger balloon YOU can easily (once its explained) understand “smaller balloons”, and completely get them, but they (obviously) can never (hardly) ever get you – because it is a physical/mental/emotional impossibility since the outside of their balloon will never touch where yours touches : all that is out there.

BUT, there will always be many people who can fool others. They can read a lot, experience a lot, and they can SOUND as if they are a bigger balloon, when they aren’t. Their ego is just loving that they understand how things should be. They have intellectual understanding. You may well have met some who “talk” a good enlightenment but who are nowhere near. The danger is that to others (who are smaller balloons) they are mighty impressive!

It is not the case that we come into this life at the bottom and are expected to journey to the top in one lifetime. However, we may be born with a consciousness that is just about ready to become enlightened within the one lifetime, but we will (more than likely) still have various “issues” to sort out within our different levels. It should explain why there can be such differences within families; the adult may well seem immature in comparison to that child we have all known – the one with the wise head on young shoulders.

I trust this will ease your way, and help you to be more compassionate, and non-judgmental. Embrace all others with love – we are all on the same journey!

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