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Yoga is my Lover

January 31, 2013

There are some things in life that you know are the greatest gifts from ‘God’ – a child, a loving partner, a dog… One of those somethings for me has been yoga. I grew up in Canada, and yoga was hitting that continent hard in the 70’s! I remember sitting, when I was 12, on our stairs watching my mother and a friend being taught the asanas. The practice didn’t make an indelible mark on her, but I later made greater use of what I had learned. Without proper respect I made the asanas a backbone for all of the sport I enjoyed. With greater respect I started going to proper classes when I was first pregnant, and with the utmost respect I sit here now having journeyed through all of the delightful limbs. My heart holds such passion and love for this science that has shaped my life.

I am ‘so’ old that I must call myself an “Iyengar Style Teacher”. Officialdom now deems that one may only be an Iyengar Teacher if certified by the Iyengar Institute. But I am thrilled to be the former. So much more spirituality came from our teaching that seemed to have greater grass roots! And you may all shoot me, but Iyengar is (for me) the king of the yogas. The attention to detail creates a wonderfully meditative mind, whilst you engage completely with your body.

My joyful journey was heightened by great teachers. Their passion and love of yoga filled me, and I became Love in those classes. Later in my own classes – some of the happiest days of my life – I knew my own students were swimming in my love of yoga whilst developing their own.

These days I am a true Yogini. All of the limbs have now been my home, and I am at one with the whole magnificent science of Yoga. Each day I am yoga. I am the flow. Within these last eight years (whilst writing) there were days, and even months when I did no asana practice at all, but never did yoga leave me. (There always were great yogis and yoginis who never did a series of asanas – yet they were still mighty yogis and yoginis.) Each day defines what I am and how I am to be yogic. My mat may call to me, and I have known myself (in a more distant past) to approach it in trepidation. After all I used to be a full time teacher, and part of me wanted to return to just where I left off, and that part knew that that could hurt somewhat given my present rusty cogs!!

Blissfully now I return to my mat’s calls as if my best friend is calling to me. Over the first few days I greet that old friend gently, with much love, taking time to reconnect. As the days pass that friend becomes my lover again. I go to bed longing to be with my lover in the morning and then I carry my lover with me all through the day – filled with all that the truest lover gives you as gift. I carry love, confidence, and self-respect. I carry peaceful joy and contentment and I radiate that beauty out powerfully. However, as with life, other things can sometimes get in the way. A routine may temporarily have to alter, but a true lover never leaves you. They accept you as you are and fit in around you until the flow that makes you both the happiest may be restored.

I am moved to tears now knowing what yoga has given me. It has loved me back so unconditionally that I know I will never leave its physical practice. I know we have many, many blissful years of union left – into eternity!


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  1. Great post. Yoga is mine too – or at least my therapy

  2. Roxanne it sounds like you have a great relationship with yoga/yourself….a strong foundation to work from where no doubt that sense of yourself has really developed and enabled you to grow in the ways you have …and beyond. I think thats incredibly important when you are working with and for others.

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